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CON Local Chapters: Think Nationally, Act Locally

With over 12,000 members nationwide, CON-RCO is the largest organization of obesity professionals in the world. As the network spans such a large and diverse geog­raphy, there is a need to deploy CON-RCO at the regional level, with local CON-RCO chapters. CON’s Student and New Professional network (CON-SNP) has taken a similar approach, and has had enormous success facilitating collaboration and networking at the regional level. 
The excitement is contagious! In fact, more local chapters have been deployed since CON-YYC launched: CON-YHM (Hamilton), CON-YYZ (Toronto), CON-YSB (Sudbury), CON-YOW (Gatineau-Ottawa), CON-YQG (Windsor), CON-YVR (Vancouver), CON-YEG (Edmonton), CON-YHZ (Halifax) with many more to come. CON-RCO’s vision is to see local chapters form across the country. See the list of chapter on the right side of the screen to see if there is one yet in your area!
If you are a CON member and don't see a local chapter in your area but want to know more about how to start one, please contact us at info@obesitynetwork.ca

CON has funding available for Local Chapters! Please visit our Local Grant Funding page for more information!

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