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Looking for more information, or some other resources and tools to explore? You’ve come to the right place—visit the links below to learn more!

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Canadian Obesity Network's Obesity Blog

Canadian Obesity Network's Weight of Living Project

CONDUIT Magazine is a publication developed by the Canadian Obesity Network exploring a number of different issues related to obesity.

Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) - A U.S. based non-profit organization dedicated to giving a voice to individuals affected by obesity. Visit the OAC for additional information on obesity..

Taking Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) - A non-profit, non-commercial network of weight-loss support groups across Canada and the U.S. offering realistic tools and programs for healthy living and weight management.

Guide For Assessing Commercial Weight-Loss Programs - There seems to be an endless number of commercial weight-loss and diet programs available today, but that does not mean that they are all created equal or are based on real evidence. While speaking with your healthcare professional about any concerns you have is the best option, click here for a checklist of program features to look for in a healthy weight-loss program. Feel free to print this list out and keep it with you to reference later.

Guide to Evaluating Health Information on the Internet  -The Internet can be a great resource for health information. However, it is important to critically assess each web page you come across to make sure what you are reading is reliable, up-to-date and from a trusted source. Click here for a checklist to help evaluate health information you find on the internet.

Starting to talk about weight management can seem difficult and overwhelming, but remember, your healthcare professional is someone who is on your side and wants to help you improve your overall health. The following websites provide some additional resources to help get the conversation started:




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