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Sara Perlmutter MS dietetics, BSc honors nutrition
Joined: Feb 20, 18
Western dietitian services
I work as a dietitian who specializes in weight management. I have a profound interested in the role of mindful eating and our environment in helping to manage eating behaviour. I have helped many clients lose and maintain wt loss and continue to develop and improve my skills in this area of work.
Tayyaba Sharif
Joined: Feb 20, 18
Doctor's Clinic
working as a dietitian, I see many clients who are overweight/obese. I am very interested in learning more about obesity and it's management.
Debbie Lawford bsc degree dietetics
Joined: Feb 19, 18
Salford royal foundation trust
I have worked in weight management all my professional life firstly with Weight watchers then working in the NHS as a clinical dietitian in adult weight management, running clinics , group sessions. I have a project around paediatric weight management for the next year to run a service for 10-15 yrs old children and their families
Alysha Shariff MPharm
Joined: Feb 18, 18
Shoppers drugmart
Studying to become a bariatric educator
Emira El Bahwash
Joined: Feb 18, 18
Karel de Grote University
2nd year midwifery student. I need research for a project about obesity and pregnancy.
Amar Singh MD
Joined: Feb 18, 18
Harbin Clinic
Will take 2019 board exam of American Board of Obesity Medicine
Joe Son
Joined: Feb 16, 18
The Hospital for Sick Children
My research is focused on the “Function and molecular mechanism of hypothalamic obesity risk genes, Sim1 and Irx3/5 in energy metabolism”.
Bethan Pulla
Joined: Feb 16, 18
Michael Garron Hospital
I work within the Healthy Lifestyle Clinic at Michael Garron Hospital to aid children and their families in making healthy lifestyle choices. My main objective is to increase daily physical activity and reduce sedentary time in my patients.
Lynda Bentley Poole
Joined: Feb 15, 18
McMaster University
I am a teaching professor in the undergraduate BScN Program at McMaster University. As a teacher in the core problem-based learning courses in all levels of the program, this is a very important health issue to be addressed in a variety of patient care scenarios that we address. I want to provide the most up to date information as well as introduce the students who are soon to be professionals to the professional networks available to the for us in their practice.
Debby Arts-Rodas Bachelor of Science
Joined: Feb 15, 18
St. Joseph's Health Centre
Counselling and management
Nour Musharbash The International General Certificate of Secondary Education Degree (High School)
Joined: Feb 13, 18
University of Guelpy
I am currently a third year undergraduate student in the Applied Human Nutrition program at the University of Guelph. I am aiming to pursue my career in becoming a registered dietitian due to my great interest in clinical nutrition. I previously shadowed a dietitian at a Gastrointestinal, Bariatric and Metabolic Center where I got exposed to both patients who want to lose weight through diet and physical activity changes and those seeking to get a bariatric surgery or have already done one. More
Hongtao Wu BScN
Joined: Feb 13, 18
prime care family health team milton
I am a RN also a certified diabetes educator, I am interested to become a certified bariatric educator
Dominique Yelle
Joined: Feb 13, 18
The Ottawa Hospital
In my last few months of residency training as a General Internal Medicine subspecialist, transitioning to practice in July. I have an interest in the management of chronic liver disease, and given the increasing prevalence of fatty liver disease with the obesity epidemic, gaining understanding of management strategies in obesity will be highly beneficial
Jamie Le MD
Joined: Feb 13, 18
Guelph General Hospital
I practice sleep medicine and have been helping my patients lose weight.
Erik Vandenboer BSc Biology
Joined: Feb 12, 18
Obesity is one of the biggest current health problems. I would like to know evidence-based methods for treating it.
Hana Baig
Joined: Feb 12, 18
University of Guelph
As a nutrition student, obesity is something that I am constantly learning and hearing about. I had always been interested in obesity prevention and management so I believe joining CON will be beneficial in terms of resources and information. I would also like to be able to confidently educate individuals on obesity and reduce some of the stigma around it.
Featured Researchers
Mary L'Abbe BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD
Joined: Oct 18, 13
Dep of Nutritional Sc., University of Toronto
Rena LaFrance
Joined: Apr 24, 13
Alberta Health Services
Shazhan Amed MD, FRCPC
Joined: Jun 17, 06
Genevieve Gariepy PhD
Joined: Jun 09, 15
McGill University
JoAnne Davies PhD
Joined: Jan 31, 13
University of Alberta
Marni Armstrong PhD (candidate), Cardiovascular Sciences
Joined: Mar 28, 08
University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services
Alejandro (Alex) Jadad MD, DPhil
Joined: Dec 02, 05
University of Toronto
Angela Alberga BSc, MSc, PhD
Joined: Jan 13, 09
University of Calgary
Lorna Milkovich RN, BN, MBA
Joined: Feb 20, 13
Red Deer Primary Care Network
Khloud Alkhalaqi Masters
Joined: Oct 08, 14
Simon Fraser University
Timothy Caulfield LLM, FRSC, FCAHS
Joined: Oct 26, 12
University of Alberta
Stuart Nicholls Ph.D., MRes, MSc, BSc(Hons)
Joined: Apr 29, 14
University of Ottawa