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Our Newest Members

Nicole Christensen
Joined: Dec 05, 17
Obesity Network
Recently joined the Obesity Network team as an Administrative Assistant.
Rachel MacKenzie
Joined: Dec 05, 17
Mount Saint Vincent University
I am in my final year of Applied Human Nutrition majoring in Dietetics. I believe as a future healthcare professional that it is my responsibility to be an advocate for all walks of life. Removing the stigma that surrounds obesity and educating the community is so important. In becoming a member I feel that this will assist me in becoming more involved in this area.
Stanley DUmeUS MD
Joined: Dec 05, 17
Carlos Rojas
Joined: Dec 04, 17
Hospital Regional Zaragoza ISSSTE
As a mexican endocrinologist, I want to keep myself with the best obesity knowledge because the high obesity prevalence in my country.
Deborah Koh Honours BSc
Joined: Dec 03, 17
University of Toronto
I want to learn about how I can better counsel and empower my patients to achieve their healthy body weight.
Cilia Mejia-Lancheros
Joined: Nov 30, 17
I am interested in studying the socio-economic, behavioural, and biological factors which contribute to individuals and populations' overweight /obesity status, which a special focus on transgenerational links.
Omid Liaghati Family physician
Joined: Nov 30, 17
Omid liaghati MPC
Family physician ,Metabolic clinic
Jean-Francois Fortin PhD
Joined: Nov 28, 17
Valeant Canada
My team is involved in interactions with HCPs across the country to understand their challenges in weight management, discuss therapeutic approaches and support development of educational tools.
Ileana M. Gold
Joined: Nov 26, 17
William Osler Health Science Brampton,Ontario
I am a practicing anesthesiologist with an interest in perioperative medicine. I am planning to get certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine via CMA pathway and to incorporate obesity medicine in my practice .
Daniel Briatico Bachelor of Health Sciences, Minor in Neuropsychology, Masters of Science (in progress)
Joined: Nov 25, 17
Western University
I am currently a graduate student at Western University. I am working towards my Masters through the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences department and conducting research on the effectiveness of parent-focused interventions on paediatric overweight and obesity. Prior to returning to graduate school, I worked for the City of Burlington and Town of Oakville as youth programs instructor and community outreach advisor. Focusing on physical activity and nutritional literacy has always been of per
Catherine Pouliot BSc in Nutrition Sciences & MSc Human Kinetics (candidate)
Joined: Nov 25, 17
University of Ottawa
My main interests are the relationship between exercise and nutrition as well as health systems and access to dietetic services in primary care. I am currently working in private practice, providing weight management counselling to clients having suffered injuries from motor vehicle accidents. I am also actively involved in obesity-related research at the University of Ottawa as part of my Master of Science in Human Kinetics.
Hein Tun DVM, MSc, PhD
Joined: Nov 24, 17
University of Alberta
Dr. Hein Min Tun is undertaking cutting-edge technologies, such as microbial genomics and metagenomics to study the interactions between the gastro- intestinal microbiome and diet in humans and animals and their role in health and disease. A significant focus of his research is studying microbiota involvements pathways in intergenerational association of overweight/obesity.
Alison Mooney
Joined: Nov 24, 17
William Osler Health System
Paediatric Diabetes Clinic Dietitian
diarmuid duggan BSc in Sport and Exercise Science, PgDip in Dietetics, PgDip in Nutritional Science, Ma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
Joined: Nov 24, 17
bon secours hospital
I have been working in weight management for 14yrs 10 of those in with the bariatric surgery MDT. Academically I have a degree in exercise science, post graduate degree in dietetics and a masters in Cognitive behavioural therapy. I see my role as a facilitator to individuals who want to effect change in their life choices, behaviours and thought processes to help them meet their personal goals.
Roselyn Zhang MSc, BSc
Joined: Nov 23, 17
Interested in a multifaceted view of obesity from prevention, managment, to treatment angles.
Miranda Galati BA, General, Ontario Graduate Certificate, Communications
Joined: Nov 23, 17
Western University
I am interested in exploring the psychological drivers to obesity and how they may be targeted in treatment.
Featured Researchers
Mary L'Abbe BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD
Joined: Oct 18, 13
Dep of Nutritional Sc., University of Toronto
Rena LaFrance
Joined: Apr 24, 13
Alberta Health Services
Shazhan Amed MD, FRCPC
Joined: Jun 17, 06
Genevieve Gariepy PhD
Joined: Jun 09, 15
McGill University
JoAnne Davies PhD
Joined: Jan 31, 13
University of Alberta
Marni Armstrong PhD (candidate), Cardiovascular Sciences
Joined: Mar 28, 08
University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services
Alejandro (Alex) Jadad MD, DPhil
Joined: Dec 02, 05
University of Toronto
Angela Alberga BSc, MSc, PhD
Joined: Jan 13, 09
University of Calgary
Lorna Milkovich RN, BN, MBA
Joined: Feb 20, 13
Red Deer Primary Care Network
Khloud Alkhalaqi Masters
Joined: Oct 08, 14
Simon Fraser University
Timothy Caulfield LLM, FRSC, FCAHS
Joined: Oct 26, 12
University of Alberta
Stuart Nicholls Ph.D., MRes, MSc, BSc(Hons)
Joined: Apr 29, 14
University of Ottawa