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Weight Bias and Discrimination

Participants Needed - Clinical Research Study, University of Alberta

Participants are needed in a clinical research study at the University of Alberta. The study will look at how the accuracy of autonomic blood pressure monitor compares to standard blood pressure measurements in individuals with obesity.

Why Weight Bias is an Important Issue for the Canadian Obesity Network

We've summarized the extent to which weight bias affects individuals in a new display that travels with Collaborative members to various conferences and events throughout Canada.

So You Want to Write a Blog?

The Canadian Obesity Network's Students and New Professionals have already started blogging for this academic year and they want you to check it out (and maybe submit a post too)!

Weight of Living Project - Tell us your story today!

The Weight of Living is a social media project with a mission to dismantle the stereotypes and myths surrounding the lives of those who live with obesity.

Healthy Lifestyle Seminar - May 22, 2016 Markham ON

The Canadian Peace & Unity Foundation is hosting a Healthy Lifestyle Seminar!

Public Webinar #4: EveryBODY Matters: Challenging Weight Bias & Discrimination in Our Everyday Lives

The Canadian Obesity Network's Public Webinar series continues on MAy 24th with Dr.'s Angela Alberga and Sara Kirk as they discuss the significant impact of weight bias and discrimination in Canada. Click on the poster to register!

CONDUIT Newsletter #1, December 17, 2015

Check out the inaugural issue of our CONDUIT newsletter!

Is Not Calling Obesity A Disease Discrimination?

If I had to point to one single factor that has in fact stopped the “medical establishment” from finding better treatments and providing access to effective and compassionate care for people struggling with excess weight, it is their refusal to consider obesity a disease.
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Sticks and stones break bones, but words cut to the heart

It will not surprise many working in the field of weight and obesity — or even those in the general public — to read that multiple studies have confirmed that weight bias exists in our culture.