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In the News

Participants Needed - Clinical Research Study, University of Alberta

Participants are needed in a clinical research study at the University of Alberta. The study will look at how the accuracy of autonomic blood pressure monitor compares to standard blood pressure measurements in individuals with obesity.

New Research Grants to Enhance Treatment of Obesity in Canada

Thanks to CON-RCO's FOCUS program and other partners, new CIHR team grants to enhance knowledge about the treatment of severe obesity where we need it most.

AMA Classifies Obesity as Disease

The American Medical Association's House of Delegates has voted heavily in favour of recognizing obesity as a disease.

Health Professionals: Take the Healthy Body Scorecard Survey

Researchers from the Bloorview Research Institute and the University of Toronto would like you to fill in a survey in order to gain your opinion about the development of a holistic health screening tool for children.

Minimal Interventions for Obesity: Can Lessons Learned from Smoking Cessation Make a Difference?

An obesity management framework developed by the Canadian Obesity Network (CON) facilitates weight management in primary care by encouraging regular dialog between patients and physicians, according to a new paper published in Canadian Family Physician.