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‘Heart’ening News from the CON-SNP Executive

Here are a few important updates and messages from the CON-SNP Executive, including deadlines for grants and awards.

Happy New Year!

from the CON-SNP National Executive

A Message from the Executive - December 2015

On the twelth day of Christmas my CON-SNP gave to me: advocacy in a pear tree

Blog: Comparison of the Dietary Habits of Children During TV Viewing

Television viewing and food intake during television viewing in normal-weight, overweight and obese 9- to 11-year-old Canadian children: a cross-sectional analysis

Blog: Why is Weight Bias So Important to Address?

Weight stigma, also known as bias, prejudice, discrimination, teasing, bullying or harassment about someone’s body weight has increased in frequency and intensity over the last few decades. What can we do about it?

Blog: Challenging Our Current Weight-Focused Paradigm: Considering Health at Every Size

Weight-based judgment and stereotyping is highly problematic and contributes to a wide range of consequences.

SNPets: News from the CON-SNP Chair

Greetings SNPs! It’s been a while, we’ve missed you! So much has happened from Sept to Nov, 2015. Here’s a quick recap of your feed these past few months.

Kicking off 2015-2016

Can you believe it’s already November?! Even though you haven’t heard from us yet, this year’s National CON SNP Team has been working together for over two months already. It’s about time we update you on some of our progress.

UOttawa - Cafe Scientifique

December 4, 2015 - SAVE THE DATE! Come and join the CON-SNP UOttawa chapter at CHEO for an informative discussion!

University of Western Ontario - November 2015 Newsletter

The November 2015 newsletter for UWO is here!

SPOTLIGHT - York Chapter

Tips for keeping the momentum going year to year

What is the link between sleep and obesity?

According to the Canadian and American Medical Associations, obesity is a chronic disease. The obesity rate is increasing in every part of the world. Over 30% of American and over 25% of Canadians are now living with obesity. Obesity is a global epidemic or pandemic that affects children and adults in both developed and developing countries. Thus, strategies to prevent, manage and treat obesity are needed to reduce obesity-associated mortality and morbidity.

Write for CON-SNP!

You are invited to submit a post for the CON-SNP Website! Contributing is easy with our writing tips and monthly themes.

Getting enough sleep can be as beneficial as getting enough exercise

Let me paint a dreamy picture of the perfect Daylight Saving sleep on November 1st. You’re warm, not too hot, not too cold, but juuuuust right....