A d v e r t i s e m e n t


Doug Earle

Doug has been over weight almost his entire life. Though always the heaviest child in the class but he participated in all activities; nevertheless, his weight continued to increase. There were periodic attempts to lose weight but with little success. The strongest inhibitor for his continued weight gain was a lack of larger sized clothing. As he moved into his forties his weight brought on a reduced ability to be active and eventually hypertension. In his fifties and sixties the continued increase in weight affected his ability to participate in everyday activities, like trying to walk two blocks; the most embarrassing event was having to buy two seats in order to fit on the plane. In 2011, at 60 years old and morbidly obese, he got a medical prognosis of serious medical risks, he then entered a year-long weight loss program in Halifax that provided educational opportunities with dietitians, psychologists and physiotherapists. With the help of a temporary meal replacement plan and a change in eating and living habits he began a weight loss approach that continues to this day. He has incorporated regular group exercise into his weekly activities and continues to work on living a healthier life. In the past few years, the benefits of regular exercise has dropped his resting heart rate from the mid 80’s to the upper 50’s. He wants to share his life experience as one of possibility. He tried weight loss many ways and for many years. He now has been able to make and maintain significant life style changes for several years. He looks forward to the opportunity to share his story and continue to learn about obesity and the ways to get the most out of his life. For the past three years, Doug has spoken to first year medical students at Dalhousie University about his life with obesity and his attempts to live with it.

Doug was born and raised in Halifax but has travelled through much of Canada and lived and worked in Moncton, Edmonton and Ottawa. Returning to Halifax he is now retired and enjoys an active life.