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Discussing obesity with family and friends

Support from family and friends is a big step in feeling more confident and taking positive steps to better manage your weight. It is important for you to openly communicate with your loved ones about this process.

Explain that you have chosen to make changes to work towards better managing your health and your reasons for doing so

Be open about these changes. There is nothing wrong with trying to improve your health and overall quality of life. In fact, it may inspire those around you to make positive changes as well

Share your goals

Your family and friends can play a large role in helping you achieve your goals. They can help motivate you along the way, keep you on track, or even join you in achieving similar goals

Express your feelings

Perhaps your friends and family have made hurtful comments about your weight in the past. You should let them know how these types of comments make you feel and that they add to the negative consequences of obesity

Assess your own biases!

No one is completely free from any biases. Visit https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/ to gain insight into your personal attitudes about people living with obesity.


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