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CON-RCO Appoints New Science Committee Chair

The Canadian Obesity Network is pleased to announce that long-time member Dr. Gordon Zello has been appointed Chair of the network’s Science Committee. 

Dr. Zello is Professor of Nutrition in the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan, where he teaches macronutrient and energy metabolism and nutritional assessment in the Nutrition and Dietetics program. He also has an active graduate and research program in both basic and applied nutrition, with specialization in intermediary metabolism and nutritional assessment. His research interests include the measurement of body composition, energy expenditure, metabolism, athletic performance and nutrient requirements in healthy and clinical populations. Recent work with children and their caregivers has included examining knowledge, attitudes and beliefs towards dairy and lentil consumption in Saskatoon.

Dr. Ian Janssen, Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity at Obesity of Queen’s University, is the Science Committee’s outgoing chair, and will remain as a member of the committee. 

“I am looking forward to building upon the great leadership that Ian demonstrated as Chair over the past four years,” Dr. Zello said. “The Science Committee ensures that CON’s policies and programs are rooted in the best possible evidence, and we will be working hard to ensure the network stays on the right track moving forward.”

The Canadian Obesity network thanks Dr. Janssen for the significant contributions he made as Chair. All members of CON’s Science Committee are volunteers, who work above and beyond their professional commitments to help us do what we do!