A d v e r t i s e m e n t


Candace Vilhan

My name is Candace and I have been a passionate member of CON for 10+ years and am a recent member of the CON Public Engagement Committee. I am a behaviour therapist working with clients to help support behavioural changes and to provide mental health support to those living with obesity. As a mental health provider working with people who battle this chronic disease, I am keenly aware of both my own experience with weight bias and the experience of others. I have heard many shared stories where people have faced weight stigma through bullying, abusive comments from strangers and faced significant discrimination based on the size of their bodies. I have also lived this experience of feeling my body “didn’t fit in” which became part of the mental construct that I wasn’t “good enough” from a very young age and blamed myself for this visible disease that I wear everyday. As the proud mother of two amazing teenage girls, it is something I have been very mindful of and try to promote body positive consciousness with them in a world full of social media images that are inaccurate and potentially damaging to self-esteem. My family is also part of the reason that I hope my attitude and contributions to change may in some way make the world a more accepting place of all bodies, experiences and a more compassionate place for people of all shapes and sizes. 

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