A d v e r t i s e m e n t


Alex Schwarzer

Alex has experienced life from the driver’s seat of an obese person from his formative years to adulthood. He has struggled with the rollercoaster of achieving weight stability time and again.  Alex continues to endure the trials and tribulations that all individuals living with obesity experience on a daily basis.

Alex is a former bariatric surgery patient, but still does not conform to society’s ideal of “thin equals healthy”.  However, he does not let his size define who he is, what he can do, or how he should live his life. Carpe diem!

Alex is interested in developing strategy and direction that will allow CON to offer various information, programs to the public and to support all Canadians living with obesity.  Alex has worked with CON on various projects such as the Image Bank and video vignettes.

Alex continues to serve the bariatric community as an executive member of the Edmonton Bariatric Support Group, a peer run alliance for all members of the bariatric surgery community in Alberta.

Alex is a  born and raised Canadian who has lived in Edmonton for the past 23 years.  He is married to his wife, Dawn, since 2009.  Alex works for the University of Alberta in the Information Technology field. In Alex's spare time, he enjoys studying traditional martial arts (Karate) and traveling.